Casi Cielo Starbucks: Savoring the Seasonal Coffee Delight

Casi Cielo, which means ‘Almost Heaven’, is a special coffee blend from Starbucks that has become a seasonal favorite among coffee enthusiasts.

Sourced from the high-altitude region of Antigua in Guatemala, known for its ideal coffee-growing conditions, this blend highlights the distinctive Latin American characteristics.

The volcanic soil, combined with warm days and cool nights, yields coffee beans with a unique flavor profile.

Starbucks’ Casi Cielo blend is characterized by its smoothness and a balanced combination of bright citrus notes and dark cocoa undertones.

This single-origin coffee is harvested annually, ensuring that each batch captures the essence of the region.

The care taken in selecting the beans from the Antigua valley’s small farms is reflected in the high quality of the final product. Enjoyed as both espresso and whole bean coffee, Casi Cielo pairs well with a wide array of foods, enhancing the culinary experience with its rich and versatile flavor palette.

Starbucks Casi Cielo

Starbucks Casi Cielo
Starbucks Casi Cielo

Casi Cielo by Starbucks is a single-origin coffee with a reputation for its distinct flavor profile and limited availability. This section uncovers the roots of Casi Cielo, its Spanish-inspired name, and its unique presence in the Starbucks coffee lineup.

Origins and History

Casi Cielo coffee hails from the Antigua region of Guatemala, an area renowned for its ideal coffee-growing conditions with rich volcanic soil, high altitude, and a favorable climate of warm days and cool nights.

Farmers in this region practice meticulous cultivation methods, contributing to the coffee’s exceptional quality. Starbucks sources these beans annually for a unique offering that celebrates the region’s coffee heritage.

Meaning of ‘Casi Cielo’

The name ‘Casi Cielo’ translates from Spanish to “almost heaven.” This name reflects the coffee’s high caliber and the heavenly experience it aims to offer its drinkers. The exceptional taste profile alludes to the blend’s superior character, capturing the essence of its almost transcendent quality.

Starbucks Seasonal Availability

Starbucks introduces Casi Cielo as part of their seasonal coffee lineup. Typically available once a year, this coffee’s arrival is often eagerly anticipated by enthusiasts. The scarcity and yearly harvest contribute to the sense of exclusivity surrounding Casi Cielo, turning it into a highly sought-after seasonal event for coffee connoisseurs.

Coffee Profile

Starbucks’ Casi Cielo coffee showcases a meticulous selection of beans and flavors catered to those appreciating refined taste.

Bean Origin

Casi Cielo’s beans hail from Guatemala’s Antigua region, an area renowned for its high-altitude farms and volcanic soil. These geographical conditions are ideal for coffee growing and contribute significantly to the bean’s distinct characteristics.

Flavor Notes

The coffee is celebrated for its vibrant flavor profile, which includes:

  • Acidity: Bright with a notable presence of Meyer lemon notes
  • Complementary Flavors: Citrus undertones paired with nuances of cocoa nibs, enhancing the coffee’s complexity
  • Recommended Pairings: Soft cheeses and toasted nuts

Roast Level

Starbucks has carefully crafted Casi Cielo to a medium roast level. However, there are reports suggesting that the roast may present a medium-dark appearance and a slightly oily sheen, indicative of a darker roast profile for those favoring a fuller flavor.

Brewing Casi Cielo

Casi Cielo, a coffee known for its unique flavor profile, can be brewed to perfection using various methods. The quality of the bean, hailing from Guatemala’s Antigua region, ensures a satisfying experience when following the recommended brewing practices.

Recommended Brewing Methods

French Press:

  1. Grind the Casi Cielo beans to a coarse texture.
  2. Use 1g of coffee for every 15-17ml of water.
  3. Steep for 4 minutes before plunging.


  1. Use a medium-fine grind.
  2. Heat water to 195-205°F.
  3. Pour in a slow, steady spiral from the outer circle to the center.

Espresso Machine:

  1. Fine grind for a concentrated shot.
  2. 18-20g of coffee for a double shot.
  3. Brew time should be 25-30 seconds.

Pairing Suggestions

Casi Cielo complements a range of foods:

  • Savory: Classic breakfast items like buttered toast or bacon.
  • Sweet: Lemon or chocolate desserts enhance the coffee’s inherent notes.
  • Cheeses: Aged varieties such as Parmesan or Gouda to bring out the richness.

By selecting the proper brewing method and pairing, one can optimize the enjoyment of Starbucks’ Casi Cielo coffee.

Marketing and Packaging

Starbucks leverages distinctive marketing and packaging strategies to accentuate the unique qualities of its Casi Cielo coffee. The blend’s premium positioning is reinforced through its design elements and strategic placement within Starbucks’ extensive coffee range.

Design and Aesthetics

The packaging of Casi Cielo coffee features a sophisticated design that reflects its premium status. Visual elements typically include:

  • Color scheme: Utilizes colors that suggest richness and quality, often inspired by the Guatemalan landscape where the coffee is sourced.
  • Imagery: Incorporates imagery or patterns that evoke the coffee’s origin and artisanal cultivation.

Positioning in Starbucks’ Coffee Portfolio

Casi Cielo is strategically positioned in Starbucks’ coffee portfolio through:

  • Target Audience: Aimed at coffee aficionados seeking high-quality, single-origin coffees.
  • Product Description: Emphasized as a limited-time offering, enhancing its allure and creating a sense of urgency among consumers.

The blend is presented as a seasonal highlight, aligning with Starbucks’ reputation for offering a rotating selection of specialty coffees.

Customer Reception

Casi Cielo by Starbucks has consistently garnered positive feedback for its unique flavor profile that features bright and smooth notes.

Consumer Reviews

Customers often describe Guatemala Casi Cielo as a premium coffee with a distinct taste. Many reviews highlight the lemony acidity and hints of dark cocoa. There’s a recurring appreciation for it being a single-origin coffee from Guatemala’s Antigua region, which coffee connoisseurs seem to value for its fine quality and rich, elegant flavors.

Market Impact

Upon its seasonal release, Casi Cielo tends to influence the market by setting high expectations for limited-edition coffees. Its return is often anticipated by fans of the blend, and its availability can spike an increase in visits to Starbucks locations. The coffee’s reception in the market has proven to be consistently strong, demonstrated by its repeated seasonal offerings.

Sustainability and Sourcing

In commitment to sustainability, Starbucks focuses on responsible sourcing and environmental stewardship for its Casi Cielo coffee variety.

Ethical Sourcing Practices

Starbucks ensures that Casi Cielo, alongside other coffee offerings, meets high ethical standards through the Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E.) Practices. This sourcing program emphasizes quality and social responsibility, impacting over hundreds of thousands of farmers. It requires suppliers to adhere to stringent guidelines that benefit both the farmers’ communities and the environment. Moreover, Starbucks has invested $42.9 million in the Global Farmer Fund, a commitment to secure a sustainable supply of coffee while addressing financial challenges farmers face.

Environmental Impact

The environmental footprint of coffee, including Casi Cielo, is mitigated by Starbucks’ adherence to sustainable agriculture. Efforts are made to protect water quality, improve soil health, preserve biodiversity, reduce the use of agrochemicals, and conserve water and energy. For instance, in their 2022 report, Starbucks verified that 98.2% of their coffee was sourced through C.A.F.E. Practices. Through these initiatives, Starbucks not only ensures the longevity of coffee production but also supports the ecological well-being of the areas where coffee is grown.

Business Impact

Guatemala Casi Cielo has been a recurring seasonal offer at Starbucks, significantly influencing the company’s product lineup and customer engagement.

Sales Performance

Starbucks’ introduction of Guatemala Casi Cielo coincides with a strategic effort to provide specialty, single-origin coffees. As a limited-time offer, it often sees a spike in sales during its seasonal availability. The company’s financial reports during the release months show an upward trend in revenue, which suggests a positive consumer response to these exclusive coffee offerings.

Brand Loyalty and Engagement

The release of Guatemala Casi Cielo is an event that coffee enthusiasts look forward to each year. This anticipation generates buzz and promotes customer visits, enhancing brand loyalty. Starbucks capitalizes on this engagement by hosting tasting events and barista-led seminars, further cementing the relationship between the consumers and the brand. Customer feedback, expressed through online platforms and direct interactions, highlights the blend’s popularity and impact on the coffee community’s connection with Starbucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions aim to clarify common inquiries about Starbucks’ Casi Cielo coffee, from its cost and pairing suggestions to its flavor profile and availability.

What is the price range for a bag of Casi Cielo at Starbucks?

The price for a bag of Casi Cielo coffee at Starbucks can vary by location, but it typically ranges from $12 to $15 for a one-pound bag.

Which menu items do best with a pairing of Casi Cielo coffee?

Casi Cielo coffee is known to pair well with chocolate desserts and caramel flavors, enhancing the dining experience with its complementary tasting notes.

How many calories are in a typical serving of Casi Cielo coffee?

A typical serving of black Casi Cielo coffee contains 0 to 5 calories. Additional calories may come from sugar, milk, or cream added by the customer.

Can you list the ingredients in Starbucks Casi Cielo coffee?

Starbucks Casi Cielo coffee is a single-origin coffee with the sole ingredient being 100% Arabica coffee beans from the Antigua region in Guatemala.

What timeframe is Casi Cielo coffee available at Starbucks?

Casi Cielo coffee is typically released on a seasonal basis, usually available at the beginning of the calendar year, but the exact availability can vary annually.

What are the tasting notes and flavor profile of Casi Cielo coffee?

Starbucks’ Casi Cielo coffee is characterized by bright acidity, with noteworthy lemon and dark cocoa notes, creating a smooth finish.

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